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https://tucsoncitizen.com/paranormal/tag/ghost-of-flight-401/. The airline has confirmed that flights will start on December 5th, 2019, between New York JFK and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Rockefeller had learned to fly by this time and was fascinated by Rickenbacker’s prediction of an approaching boom in commercial air travel. The encounter occurred at about 2:45 a.m. Chiles spotted what was described as a hazy red cloud, said to be somewhat similar to aircraft exhaust. Charles Manson : sa secte aux multiples meurtres. Instead, it was that old woman was back, reading her book. Both men described the object they encountered as “cigar- or torpedo-shaped”, about 100 feet in length, and about three times the diameter of a B-29 bomber but had no wings, projections or fins. First Officer Stockstill noticed that the landing gear indicator did not illuminate. The airline says it has configured its 767 with 30 premium and 212 economy seats. OWN Recommended for … Rickenbacker spoke from experiences involving his own airline. Januar 1991 Bankrott anmelden und den Betrieb einstellen musste. Although the events reported are incredible in nature [Steve: !!!!! As you can imagine, the plane itself was dark because the cabin crew had dimmed the lighting so that passengers could sleep. So, here is what happened. Information is Light. Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed in 1972. Don Elkins held a B.S and M.S in Mechanical Engineering, and a Ph.D in philosophy. While the crew was focused on the landing gear indicator, the plane crashed. Paranormal Ovilus/EVP Session/Investigation. Can a flight be haunted? Borman reported that he spotted an unidentified craft some distance from their capsule. The Lockheed L-1011 carried 163 passengers and 13 crew members. …. The crash was due to the error of the crew. It was also tracked on radar by Miami International Airport and Homestead AFB. But I will say that if you are ever on a flight over the Florida Everglades, particularly late at night, watch your surroundings closely. As his presence came more into focus, I could see that he too had an Eastern Airlines pilot’s hat on. His main interest during his free time was related to researching UFOs and other areas of the paranormal. Loud and clear. Build what is divinely beautiful. For the duration of the flight, I kept looking around me, unsure what was real and what was not. Eastern Airlines to Begin Service Between New York and Guayaquil. Stonehenge, le mystère du cercle de pierre . I’m here to tell you first-hand the answer, yes. Eastern Air Lines fut fondée le 19 avril 1926 sous le nom de Pitcairn Aviation.Pitcairn remporta un contrat fédéral pour acheminer le courrier entre New York et Atlanta.En 1929, Clement Keys, le propriétaire de North American Aviation, achète Pitcairn. Rockefeller’s friend, Eastern Airlines President Eddie Rickenbacker, once said about UFOs: “Flying saucers are real. They even made cheesy movie about it. Is Happiest Season On Hulu Worth Streaming? - The Divine Mother. “Hi, I’m Don. I should probably tell you this was a red-eye flight and there weren’t a lot of people onboard – maybe 50 at the most? When I said hello, he nodded back. There were 75 survivors. Curious and a little spooked, I left my seat and made my way across the aisle. Rockefeller’s investment in Eastern Airlines in the late 1930′s set the stage for many paranormal events related to the airline, which may have spurred this interest in UFOs later in life. The flight departed at 9:20 pm and crew and passengers enjoyed a routine flight until 11:32 pm. They asked for all UFO information held by the government (including information held by the CIA and US Air Force) to be declassified and released to the public. When recounting the event to Air Force intelligence, the men’s stories remained consistent. It was only after I did a little research that I discovered my experience was not a one-off. Are you looking for something?” he asked. Top 5 des morts les plus improbables de l’histoire. Réservation de vols internationaux et nationaux, vol direct entre Shanghai et Londres, achat de billets en ligne, service 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7, zone française, site officiel de China Eastern Airlines Le vol Eastern Air Lines 401 est un vol de la compagnie Eastern Air Lines entre New York et Miami sur Lockheed TriStar, qui, dans la nuit du 29 décembre 1972, s'est écrasé dans les Everglades, en Floride.Cet accident, premier crash d'un avion gros porteur, a causé la mort de 101 des 176 personnes à bord (dont 2 décédées des suites de leurs blessures). That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way. Despite this, former Eastern Airlines employees still insist to this day that they saw the ghosts of Loft and Repo on board the other L-1011. The point of this entire story is to simply tell you that yes – planes can be haunted. Eastern’s management threatened dismissal to those caught spreading “ghost stories”, it was said. The following year, in 1994, Rockefeller called for the declassification of the Roswell UFO Incident files, but the Air Force denied that the 1948 incident was UFO related. The flights will operate twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, using a Boeing 767-300ER. Jan 6, 2014 - The story of the fatal crash of Eastern Airlines flight 401 and the ghosts that were spotted after the crash on other Eastern Airline flights. Across the aisle, also seated in a window seat, was one old woman who was reading a book with the help of the overhead light. After the parts removal, there was no further mention of any more appearances by Loft and Repo. But I entrust this to you as well. Stockstill died on impact as the plane crashed into the swampy Florida Everglades. Rockefeller also funded the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation. He was the founder and head of the University of Alaska’s mechanical engineering department. This video is unavailable. Regarde et partage des vidéos bizarres trouvé sur internet, avec magie noire, talismans, fantomes, apparitions paranormales et extraterrestres (ovni). Your source for paranormal phenomena and bizarre oddities. After the war. This incident was one of many that took place over a two-week period. Eastern played its part in WWII, providing military air transport services between Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. They heard no sound from the craft. Too many good men have seen them, that don’t have hallucinations.”. I will help you. In depth articles on ghosts, hauntings, alien encounters and cryptids. Both men were considered credible witnesses. Our recommendations on other constructive news sites. Please refer to the current fleet list to see each aircraft's individual age. However, during Borman’s tenure as CEO, he was more concerned with ghosts than with UFOs. But that doesn’t change the fact my plane, in this case, a Boeing 737, was undeniably visited by ghosts. This third generation Rockefeller had an interest in aviation. Building, anchoring, and restoring hope, trust and Love within the human community. October 07, 2018 in guest, guest host, history, paranormal, podcast. The landing gear could have been manually lowered with or without the light. Jennison also stated in the article that the object was blue-white in color and did not radiate any heat. All persons and paranormal events presented in this article are associated with Eastern Airlines, but is by no means all-inclusive. 1692. Rockefeller was Eastern’s largest shareholder. ], the persons involved with the airlines and the events were considered to be credible. Some seconds after this, a glowing sphere a little more than 20 centimeters in diameter emerged from the pilot’s cabin and passed down the aisle of the aircraft approximately 50 centimeters from me, maintaining the same height and course for the whole distance over which it could be observed.” – Physicist Richard Jennison, published in Nature, 1971. He then leaned over to look outside of my window, twisting his body in such a way that I could make out an ID badge that clearly showed the name, Robert Loft. Destinations. Accueil Esprits et fantômes Malédictions et objets hantés. Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations. Parts from Flight 401 were reportedly salvaged after the Flight 401 crash investigation and refitted into another L-1011 in service. What that something else was has long been speculated by UFO enthusiasts. What Does it Take to be the Sexiest Man Alive? Both men quickly realized that the object was unlike a jet plane, and was moving towards them at a very high rate speed. Prosperity? Look for blog posts and investigative pieces focused on breaking news, men's health, business, entertainment and technology. No one was harmed by it, but passengers said that it smelled slightly like sulphur or nitrogen oxide. 5 Tips for Giving Straight Guys Bro Jobs + Where to Find Them! Eastern Airlines, at least for some of us, will always be associated with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Eastern Air Lines war eine US-amerikanische Fluggesellschaft mit Sitz in Miami, die am 18. On September 14, 1972, Major Gerald Smith of the US Air Force was of the F-106 pilots scrambled under orders from NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) to investigate a UFO over West Palm Beach, Florida. There is no way to explain this sensation. Penis Care: 5 Tips for Cleaning and Moisturizing Your Package, 7 Facts About Model Charles Laurent Marchand. In December 1965, while in space on board the Gemini, Borman reportedly saw a UFO during the second orbit of the record-breaking 14-day flight. The object was seen within a few hundred feet by two very experienced pilots, Clarence Chiles and John Whitted. Now for something completely different: The public opens one eye and peeks at UFOs. But I was also determined to find what had happened. Paranormal Events at Eastern Airlines The Tuscon Citizen released an interesting article on strange events in connection to the once bustling Eastern Airlines which closed back in 1991. If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] ... “Responsibility begins with the willingness to take the stand that one is cause in the matter of one’s life. Malédictions et objets hantés. On July 24, 1948, two Eastern Airlines pilots reported that their Douglas DC-3 had nearly collided with a strange torpedo shaped object flying nearby. I’m a writer who wishes to share his views with you on subjects of mutual interest and listen to yours as lightworker equals and spiritual adults. Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was heading to Miami from New York on Dec. 29, 1972 when Capt. One of the very first reports of a UFO encounter by a commercial airline was reported by Eastern Airlines pilots in 1948. Well, she was no longer there. Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 left New York’s JFK airport, bound for Miami International Airport, on December 29, 1972. All beings are birthed directly from the Heart of One…. The other crew members assisted Stockstill, but became distracted by it. If I told anyone what had happened, I was sure nobody would believe me. You’re the best ones to know. In the early hours of July 27, 1952, at 3:00 a.m, an Eastern Airlines flight over Washington was informed that an unknown object was in its vicinity, yet the crew saw nothing unusual. It was the least I could do, given her role in raising me and at times, acting as a kind of second mom. Borman’s fellow astronaut James Lovell contacted Mission Control with an exchange that had UFO enthusiasts buzzing ever since. Underneath the ship there was a blue glow of light.”, “It [The Chiles-Witted Encounter] was a pivotal case for the personnel of the U.S. Air Force’s Project Sign, and was a main reason they championed the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the best explanation for UFOs.” – Wikipedia. In fact, I was pretty people would call me crazy. In particular, he attempted to quash rumors of a haunting that surrounded a 1972 Eastern Airlines crash that killed 101 crew and passengers. Even though the airline officially denied the famous ghostly encounters associated with Eastern Airlines Flight 401, many former employees of the airline do still stand by their belief in the hauntings associated with that ill-fated flight. Be sure to follow him on --->, My Flight Was Haunted By The Ghosts of Eastern 401. I also am not an expert in paranormal phenomenon. In responsibility, there is no….”  (Read more…). At no time would officials of the company allow or condone any attempt to investigate the reports. While all this was very much in the public domain, reports circulated that aircraft engineers quietly removed any materials they had reused from the crash. Both pilots and the flight engineer died, along with 2 out of 10 flight attendants and 96 of the 163 passengers on board. Rockefeller’s friend, Eastern Airlines President Eddie Rickenbacker, once said about UFOs: “ Flying saucers … G Digital. Life after death? Apollo 8: Please be informed there is a Santa Claus. Eastern Airlines was born normally enough. On Friday, December 29, 1972, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed into the Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 1 jet that crashed into the Florida Everglades on the night of December 29, 1972, causing 101 fatalities (77 initial crash survivors, two died shortly afterward). In 1970, he retired from the Air Force and NASA to become a special advisor to Eastern Airlines. In 1983, Rickenbacker along with his business partners bought the airline from General Motors. At some point, and I don’t know how long, I could sense the presence of someone next to me. Pourtant Eastern Airlines a tout de même fait venir un prêtre exorciste pour bénir les différents avions de la compagnie. On December of 1972, an Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner, Flight 401, crashed into a Florida swamp. 17 décembre 2015. Sign up for our newsletter, Chris is a freelancer writer and journalist based in Chicago. I Hooked Up With My Best Friend and Regret It, I’ve Been Sleeping With Roommate During Lockdown, What It’s Like Being Straight But Curious On Halloween. I tried to put the incident out of my mind for months. One of those incidents involved an Eastern Airlines flight. There is a harrowing account of the drawn-out and difficult rescue. The Galactics? Introductory texts on Ascension, Disclosure, Abundance, and Accountability. Following his lead, I decided to look at the window as well. SHOW NOTES: To start off the Halloween season, Ophelia joins us again to talk about the crash of Eaztern Airlines flight 401 and the alleged hauntings that followed. Disclaimer. The Tragic Plane Crash That Changed Stephen Colbert | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network - Duration: 4:11. You know it when it happens. On December 29th 1972, an Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner, Flight 401, crashed into a Florida swamp. Embarrassed, I said no and turned around to head back to my seat. Almost eleven years later, in March of 1963, Eastern Airlines Flight 539 experienced unexplained phenomena that has not been solved to this day. He was nowhere to be found. It is a declaration not an assertion, that is, it is a context from which one chooses to live. And so, it must have been around 5 am when the haunting happened. Although Eastern Airlines dissolved in 1991, the association that this commercial passenger airline had with the paranormal for the majority of it’s life will live on. The reason for the trip was simple: My aunt had died a few days earlier and I was going to pay my respects. Rockefeller’s investment in Eastern Airlines in the late 1930′s set the stage for many paranormal events related to the airline, which may have spurred this interest in UFOs later in life. The pilot, Bob Loft (photo left), and flight engineer Don Repo (photo right), were two of the 101 people who perished in the air crash. Over. How To Seduce a Straight Guy in 10 Simple Steps! The Witching Hour - EP63 Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Hauntings. Captain Robert Loft and Second Officer Donald Repo survived the crash, briefly. (“Archangel Michael: Do not Get Caught in the Drama of White Hats or Black Hats,” Nov. 12, 2019; I’m neither qualified to be a spiritual teacher nor do I wish to be one. But what I did see was a new person across the aisle. Mission Control: Hello, Apollo 8. The best-known of these stories is the tale of Eastern Airlines Flight 401. Have a question about Ascension? Apparently, other people have had similar experiences. Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 departed New York for Miami on December 29, 1972. There was no turbulence either, just the sound of the engines whining over the wings. The airline would become one of the “Big Four” airlines, along with United, American and TWA. They had both been decorated for their service as airmen during World War II. re: eastern flight 401 - jfk to mia in 12/72. Our recommendations on other lightworker sites. When I turned around to look at the pilot again, he was gone. The financial investment paid off for Rockefeller. When reported to Gemini Control at Cape Kennedy, Borman was told that he was seeing the final stage of their own Titan booster rocket. Feeling tired, I closed my eyes for a moment. I’m for real – the guy was gone. 27 dec 1972 : les fantomes du vol 401 d'Eastern Airlines - Vidéos - paranormal - superstitio.com His flight crew included First Officer Albert Stockstill, 39 and Second Officer (flight engineer) Donald Repo, 51. Do not get caught in the drama of white hats or black hats, or good guys or bad guys. Ghostly sightings began to be reported by those who knew Loft and Repo. Apollo 8: Houston, Apollo 8. This haunting became known all over the world as “The Ghost of Flight 401.”. He was Professor of Physics and Engineering at the University of Louisville for twelve years. I don’t pretend to understand why it happens. Related: Why time passes slowly when flying. Despite the fact that it was Christmas day, many believe that “Santa Claus” was the code word for “UFO” on this particular mission. I don’t blame you and would probably be thinking the same thing. Aircraft. I don’t pretend to understand why it happens. 2 Future records only include new-built aircraft close to delivery and expected second-hand deliveries. Eastern Air Lines était une importante compagnie aérienne américaine, qui exista de 1926 à 1991 [1].. Histoire. Then it skips forward several months to … He said that it moved at a “walking pace” about 2.5 feet above the floor. I was sitting in a window seat, in coach, with nobody next to me. A little freaked out, I unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up, hoping to see if he had moved to another seat. The Witching Hour - EP63 Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Hauntings Oct 7, 2018 hauntings , guest host , the witching hour , podcast , eastern airlines , flight 401 , paranormal , history Elkins’ research would take him all over the United States, often flying in his own small plane to his research-related destinations. Within seconds, the craft was almost on top of them. Officer Repo died the next day. The point of this entire story is to simply tell you that yes – planes can be haunted. I will guide you. Especially of interest to those new to these subjects. Rockefeller’s interests eventually evolved to include other flying objects, specifically UFOs. The airline had a long (and documented) history of credible officials and employees who claimed to have had encounters with the paranormal. After World War II, Laurance Rockefeller became friendly with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, who had famously triumphed in many dogfights over Europe. 1 The average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from other figures. The flight was under the command of Captain Robert Loft, 55, a veteran Eastern Airline plot. That’s because last year, my flight from Chicago to Miami was visited by ghosts – and I’m pretty sure it was the crew Eastern Airlines Flight 401. All I could see was pitch darkness, which is typical when you fly over the Everglades. By December of 1975, Borman rose to the rank of CEO and spent 11 years in the position. I give you my divine authority to do so. It turns out that the area I was flying over is the well-known stomping grounds for the crew of Eastern Airlines Flight 401: A plane that crashed in 1972 over the Everglades. Frank Borman, prior to becoming CEO of Eastern Airlines, arrived at the scene after the crash to assist with rescue efforts. How To Straighten Wavy Hair With a Baseball Cap, Men's Variety Copyright 2020. During a two-week period in July, the United States Air Force responded to reports of unknown objects flying in the sky at a high rate of speed. Chiles saw an aircraft and pointed it out to Whitted. At this time, the flight was near its destination in Florida and the crew began to prepare for landing. That same year, Clinton produced an Executive Order to declassify numerous documents in the National Archives, though the declassification was not specifically related to UFO information. Seeking information is Light Work. "The key to Love is sharing, ... [balancing] give and receive." I had been following the flight’s progress on the seatback screen in front of me and was aware that we were just entering the Florida Everglades. Officially, Eastern Air Lines denied anything was wrong with their aircraft or personnel. When I looked to my left, I saw someone was occupying the aisle seat. By this time, Frank Borman was the CEO of Eastern Airlines. After the 1972 crash, it was discovered that the indicator light that distracted the Flight 401 crew was caused by a burned-out light bulb. “I was seated near the front of the passenger cabin of an all-metal airliner (Eastern Airlines Flight EA 539) on a late night flight from New York to Washington. They said they had seen the object for about 10 to 15 seconds. They even made cheesy movie about it. It is said that this is the reason Loft and Repo haunted Flight 401 – to keep future flights safe from human error. But that wasn’t the end of it. Hello, I am currently writing a book to be called Parapsychology & the Skeptics, which will be a critical examination of the arguments of the skeptics of parapsychology. By 1930, the name would change to Eastern Air Transport, then eventually would be called Eastern Airlines. My credentials include several degrees in economics & philosophy (Oxford: PPE, MA). Eastern Airlines operated its first scheduled flight from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) in June 2018, with a number of other routes following. Established in 1926 as Pitcairn Aviation, the company won a government contract to fly U.S. mail between New York and Atlanta. Enlightenment? Personnel on the ground tracked the object on radar. The most infamous case of an aircraft haunting caused by recycled parts from crashes was that of Eastern Airlines Flight 401. The pilot, Bob Loft (on the left), and flight engineer Don Repo (on the right), were two of the 101 people who perished in the air crash. The plane was on its way from New York to Washington when a fireball entered the plane at one end, traveled through to the other end and vanished near the toilet. Watch Queue Queue Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was heading to Miami from New York on Dec. 29, 1972 when Capt. The Lockheed L-1011 crashed into the Florida Everglades. Within a decade after Rockefeller’s considerable investment, Eastern Airlines had become the most profitable airline to emerge after World War II. Parts were said to have been removed from the plane. Chiles wrote a few weeks later: “there were two rows of windows, which indicated an upper and lower deck, from inside these windows a very bright light was glowing. Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was a regularly scheduled flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, to Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida.On the day of the crash, Flight 401 was operated using a Lockheed L-1011-1 TriStar (registration N310EA), which had been delivered to the airline on August 18, 1972. according to my dear departed friend, the former senior captain, eastern airlines james g lavake, the sad irony of that l-1011 that went down in the glades, is, this: the plane was a relative virin, with total commercial hours not even recorded yet; she'd been just rolled down the deck. Eastern Airlines Former Employees #2416303. Yep, that’s right – there was no trace of him. When the flight crew was told that the object had moved directly behind their plane, the crew began a sharp turn to see for themselves. You too may experience something extraordinary. BY ChrisCarter - Sat Jan 24, 2004 1:36 am - Sat Jan 24, 2004 1:36 am #2416303. It’s OK to think I am nuts. Borman called the stories of a haunting “garbage” and considered suing the producers of the 1978 made-for-TV movie The Ghost of Flight 401 for libel. On Christmas Day 1968, while on board the Apollo 8, Borman was again associated with a UFO. Shortly after, it decided to rearrange and shorten its route network, primarily focussing on flights from the US to South America. It turns out that the area I was flying over is the well-known stomping grounds for the crew of Eastern Airlines Flight 401: A plane that crashed in 1972 over the Everglades. Borman confirmed that he could see the booster rocket, but he could also see something else. I can also tell you I wasn’t on drugs (legal or illegal) and I had not been drinking. By this time, the rumors of the haunting had spread far and wide. The book begins with the fateful Eastern Airlines flight 401 and the series of tiny, by themselves insignificant, details which led to its horrific crash in the Everglades. Pilots, crew members, passengers, even shareholders have seen apparitions, ghosts and unexplained phenomena in conjunction to this airline. Eastern was one of the "Big Four" domestic airlines created by the Spoils Conferences of 1930, and was headed by World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker in its early years.It had a near monopoly in air travel between New York and Florida from the 1930s until the 1950s and dominated this market for decades afterward.. In a press releaseby the company, Steve Harfst, President and CEO at Eastern Airlines said, “We are delighted to announce the commencement of operations to and from Ecuador, the ‘Country of the four worlds’ and a … Needless to say, I was utterly freaked out. He served with distinction in the US Army during the Korean War. To better fit his research schedule, he became a pilot, then a Captain, for Eastern Airlines. In 1938, the airline was purchased by World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker. Instead, I saw another person in a pilot uniform. * On the Importance of the Universal Laws, The UFOs and Ghosts of Eastern Airlines: The official airline of the paranormal, Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Dec. 2, 2020, 8 Minutes @ 8 AM/PM: Collective Meditation for Those in Prisons & Mental Institutions, The 9D Arcturian Council: It’s Not About the Full Moon or the Eclipse, Patricia Cota Robles : A Powerful Shift of Consciousness, Gradual Ascension, Much to Learn – Part 2/2, The 9D Arcturian Council: The Mass Awakenings of December 2020, Matt Kahn: Self Love – The Bridge to Embodied Wisdom, Shelley Young ~ Training with a Blindfold, Gradual Ascension, Much to Learn – Part 1/2. I’m not going to tell you the airline I was flying because it really doesn’t matter. Filed Under: Cover-ups, Extraterrestrials Tagged With: Eastern Airlines and UFOs, This is my clarion call to all of humanity to embrace love, to embrace truth, to embrace peace…. Remember, for the entire flight, nobody was sitting there. When the plane began to turn, the object disappeared from both the sky and the radar. The purchase of the airline by Rickenbacker was made possible with the substantial financial backing of Laurance Rockefeller, a man who would fight later in his life for UFO disclosure by the U.S. government. Did Elkins commit suicide or did his interest in UFOs seal his fate? Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be distracted, yes, by the chaos…. Responsibility is not burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame or guilt. Although experts have mulled this one over and suggested possibilities like ball lightning, it remains unsolved 47 years later. So much is happening right now in accountability and politics that I felt compelled to create an outlet for the unending flow of information. Paranormal Video of an Anomaly Captured. Although most passengers were asleep, the passengers who witnessed the craft also gave consistent testimony to Project Sign.

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